Karibu sana to this page. As you perhaps already know, this page is a bouncing board for ideas, a wailing wall for prayer and some sort of notice board for information all regarding a church plant – or indeed a church planting movement, being envisioned to start in the small town of Kikuyu from mid 2017.

Church planting is no mean task. All sorts of questions emerge as soon as the idea is conceived and some answers will not be clear until many years later. It calls for so much work in terms of preparation – structure, location, governance, theology, worship, membership etc. This hard work needs to be done by a community.

But planting is an act of obedience. As we can see from the scriptures [Acts 11: 19 – 30], church planting is the natural overflow of the gospel. New communities of faith popped up everywhere the message went, filling the hearts of men and sending them to ‘regions beyond’ to grow new ‘branches’ of the work the Lord was already doing. This needs not to stop ‘until all hear’ the good news of our salvation in Jesus Christ.

There is certainly much more to be said about the reasons for planting and the justifications for a particular location and that will come later. Meanwhile, please add in your own comments in order to enrich the conversation. Do feel free also to raise concerns, fears and doubts and we will think through and draw help from the scriptures together.


By Rev. Mungai Macharia

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