Singles Ministry

GracePoint Singles Fellowship

The singles fellowship started informally to bring the single church members and non-church members together. The real felt need was that the singles in church did not know each other well and so informally, the meetings began and have since happened albeit intermittently.

After several meetings, the fellowship chose leaders in the following posts; Secretary, Treasurer, Member’s representative and a Chair. The same meeting agreed that the target group for the fellowship will be post college/university members with no age max cap. All church members and visitors are encouraged to attend the meetings. 

So far, the group has had 8 meetings at various venues. Each meeting takes a different shape e.g. Watched a movie with a specific theme; Done a topic on Biblical singlehood and had discussions on various relationships issues etc. 

When the leaders met, they agreed that the fellowship would be an accountability group. This was because we realized that most of the single people within this group belong to the men and ladies’ fellowships in Church, which are already running spiritually nourishing meetings. It was agreed that it remains an accountability forum where people can meet and challenge each other to action what they have been hearing from sermons, growth groups, fellowships and general articles. 
To encourage singles in reaching out to the younger teens and youth in church and through outward engaging events such as weekend challenges, visiting missionaries etc