Pre-teens Ministry


This is a ministry targeting children of ages 11-13 years. Normally, they have graduated from children Sunday school to the adult service. This ministry began on November 2018.

GracePoint being a young church, majority of the membership are young people/young couples implying a good number of children. Thank God for the children ministry in the church, we are committed to pointing these children to Christ.  However, with increase in age and knowledge, the older children feel to have outgrown the teachings in the children Sunday school. Besides this, it is a good idea to bring them to the adult service that they may grow together with the church family; a church is meant to be a family and therefore should be all-age inclusive. This gives the children not only a sense of being part of the family but also they learn and appreciate how to do church.

The preteen’s teachers meet with them after every Sunday service to think through the sermon. The aim is to find out if they were able to grasp the main idea and the applications. This also gives them a platform to raise any queries that they could be having on the day’s sermon or any other question they would want to ask.

We also meet with them on Saturdays for an hour and half which has given us a platform to engage God’s Word and other issues. We prepare tea and share snacks together which has really helped in our bonding. We also watch movies and draw lessons. We have been able to attend events and go for outings together such as ‘Run for the Bibleless’.

We are looking forward for growth and as a ministry thinking in ways in which we can be outward looking. We have planned for one fan day so far where we invite as many as we can. We are looking forward to doing this bi-monthly. We are doing a series of God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts.

We are continuously thinking and praying for ways of growing this ministry.