Clarifying Questions

We all like to be clear about what we are doing at any one point. In fact, the biggest barrier in any task/project is usually our own convictions as to the rightness/wrongness/timing/strategic value/our role etc of the matter at hand – all within our minds/hearts. Once we move beyond the inner barriers we deal much more easily with external challenges.

At our last meeting in September, a number of questions came up for us to deal with ahead of the actual planting. These include but are not limited to…

  1. What are the gospel needs in Kikuyu town?
  1. What would an ideal biblical church in the town look like?
  1. What should be done in order for the above to happen?
  1. Have you ever thought about/been part of a church plant?
  1. Is church planting necessarily a good thing to do in Kikuyu now? Why or why not?
  1. What cautions/pitfalls would you suggest for those thinking about planting?
  1. What would be a good road map towards a healthy church plant?

I grew up in a tradition that did not embrace planting. Growth was by cell division and took a lot of effort to ‘be given a parish’. Planting afresh was not something you did let alone think about. Planting was almost equated with rebellion and it has taken many years for me to see planting as a natural outworking of the gospel. I am still dealing with a lot of the questions and more and it helps when we engage.

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