Children’s Ministry

Gracepoint church consists largely of young families and people. As a result, the young families come with children to the church and we also have children who come without their parents to church. We decided very early on during the church start that ministry to children will be prioritized.

Why was it such a big deal? It is for several reasons, but most importantly we believe that children are sinners by the virtue that they are descendent from Adam and the bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We strongly believe that children should be taught the bible and should hear the gospel proclaimed with the same urgency as the adults. The chief goal for all this work is so that the children will know how sinful they are, look to Jesus who died for their sin and for their salvation and repent. That they will know and love the Lord God who provided salvation for them. We diligently work to see that the children are taught faithfully, consistently and in a creative way. We therefore recruit and do a teachers training every year in order to achieve this major goal of the children ministry.

How do we teach them the bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ, you may ask? Mostly it is through the Sunday school hour every week. We try to teach them the same things the adults are learning but in a simple way. So say the adults are being taught on foundations (Genesis), the children will also be taught on the same thing.

We also run holiday bible clubs every school holiday. This is an intensive and fun week of interacting with children as we teach them the bible but also get to know them in a better way. These holiday clubs target both our regular children and those who do not come to our church. We are usually more interested in those who don’t go to church at all. The last way we reach and teach the bible to children is through their parents. The reason that we feed on the same diet, in terms of bible teaching (children and adults), is so that the families can go home and easily talk about the truths they are learning from God’s word at church.

We pray that the Children Ministry at Gracepoint Church will keep growing and as it grows keep the main thing, the main thing that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.